Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sorry I have been so slow in updating - I have been working hard on our new documentary special "The Last 24" - we are midway through the 24 hour shoot at this point and everyone else has gone to sleep, so I had a few minutes to post - and then off to bed I go!

You can read all about our experiences on my "The Last 24" Blog.

IN addition to working on this show - My friend Steven Foster with ADVFilms had been after me to come in an audition to do a voice on a new animated series he is working on - so I got a few minutes before we started shooting today to swing by and give a sample of my self for two different characters...

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Things seemed to go well and instead of deciding if I get to do this show, he is going to have to figure out which character I am going to do! So I guess I got it - LOL I have done almost a dozen different amine films so far and it is always a blast to work with Steven and his engineer Adam (who I think at times is the reason I get called in to start with!)

OK - it's late - peek over on "The Last 24" - and when we get done shooting, I'll have a little more time to blog with all of you... And remember, let me know you are out there by leaving your comments below!


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