Friday, January 11, 2008

Falling off the wagon... Back with Films

LOL - only a couple of posts and I am already falling behind! But I am working hard not to fail you... so here I am - writing SOMETHING!

We had a great turn out for the free movie screening of "There Will Be Blood" - so many folks we had to turn a couple hundred away... Sorry about that - but we warned you - ya had to turn up early! We will do this again next month (I hope) - so remember this and get your passes and show up early!

Talking about film - I am a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (we give out the Critics Choice Award on VH1)... and this year I had to vote - pick my favorites - actor, actress, comedy, best film - all those categories... Made me actually have to sit and think about it - decide in order my favorites... Still not sure I got them absolutely right - but I'll share with you my top favorites...

Diving Bell & the Butterfly

La Vie En Rose

3:10 to Yuma

Sweeney Todd

(to name but a few...)

So - what were your favorite films this year?
Did you see my picks? What did you think of those??

Come - lets here from you folks!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008



Click on the image below to enlarge and read the details - and then visit my web site for your free pass!

YOU HAVE TO GO TO ERNIEONTV.COM to get your real pass!!!!
(you can not just print this blog page - it will not get you in!)

So, how is that for a blog entry - Free movie passes!!!

But before I go for today - anyone surprised with the results from New Hampshire? Has your opinion of candidates changed or been redefined by all that has been going on? Just curious - I love this stuff!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A new start!

Hey Everyone!

New year, New Start!

Starting today - I am going to try and post everyday - maybe not the most in depth reports - but I will keep you up to date and filled in and maybe make you smile, or even on the rare occasion, touch your heart!

Last night was the Critics Choice Awards (which I vote in as a member for the Broadcast Film Critics Association), but you wouldn't know it 'cause Hillary cried!

Yep - biggest story of the night and she didn't even really shed a single tear!

So what did you think? were you moved, were you touched? Did you believe it, or was it just for show?

Comment and let me know what you think...