Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little roadtrip

Well in texas you can go far in just a few hours.  Left my home yesterday in the afternoon and had dinner on the riverwalk in San Antonio!

Jackson had to play for a chorus compitition in SA on saturday morning _ so we figured lets just go up a day early and have some fun.

Everything was nice, but scary thing - my fav thing so far was stopping at Buc-ees...  LOL  i got a 56 ounce soda and some fresh roasted cashews... plus a good number of samples of fudge.  We are stopping on our way back!

In SA we saw the alamo, stayed at the historic Menger Hotel (a fav of Teddy  Roosevelt and the Rough Riders?, walked the River Walk, eat at The County Line BBQ place, and visited The Bonham Exchange (have to wonder what that building was in it's hey day)... a lot for just a couple of hours.  Buy then again - i did do Paris in just one day once ;-)

Now it is saturday and we are back on the move - headed back to houston (i have an event tonight for MD Anderson & Cancer Research)... 

Oh my only 33 miles till we get to Buc-ees... got to prepare myself... more later...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm still here!

I just saw they stopped my BLOG due to inactivity - well I am here to get active again!

Keep watching for updates coming soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Passing of an Icon - Walter Cronkite

You know as people get older the end will eventually come, but some how it still takes us a by surprise.

Yesterday, News Icon Walter Cronkite passed away - I was fortunate enough to have known him briefly and to have had him champion my career. One of his kindest gestures toward me was a letter he sent to my station after our first interview.

People have asked me about what he wrote and such - but I figure the best way to share it with those of you interested is to simply post it here...

So sad to see him leave us - but so thankful for the legacy he left behind!


XX West 52nd Street
Suite XXXX
New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) XXX-XXXX
Fax: (212) XXX-XXXX

January 18, 1999

Houston Public Television
KUHT - Channel 8
4513 Cullen Boulevard
Houston, TX 77004

Dear Channel 8:

Thank you for the opportunity to share stories of my life and book, “A Reporters Life”, on your program, WEEKNIGHT EDITION.

I had been looking forward to meeting and being interviewed by Host, Ernie Manouse -- an experience my daughter, Kathy, had previously enjoyed. He proved to be a gifted and extremely talented interviewer, with an understanding of my life and stories that lead to a very human and heartfelt interview.

Well into the book tour, he was the first to ask me about the whispering Jackie Kennedy story. I was surprised that others hadn’t asked, but Ernie was prepared and ready, realizing the visual impact that particular story would have for his viewers. His intellect, charm and charisma make for television that is informative and entertaining.

I was so impressed by this young man that after the interview I told my escort that Ernie was among the best interviewers I have ever experienced. Based on his ability, I believe his future success is assured.

It is always a delight for me to spend time with the current generation of journalists, and especially rewarding to meet one, such as Ernie. In the course of conducting a superb interview, he conveys his talent, humor, intelligence, compassion, understanding and wit.

Again, it was a pleasure. I look forward to the opportunity for a future conversation with Ernie.


Walter Cronkite

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Falling off the wagon... Back with Films

LOL - only a couple of posts and I am already falling behind! But I am working hard not to fail you... so here I am - writing SOMETHING!

We had a great turn out for the free movie screening of "There Will Be Blood" - so many folks we had to turn a couple hundred away... Sorry about that - but we warned you - ya had to turn up early! We will do this again next month (I hope) - so remember this and get your passes and show up early!

Talking about film - I am a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (we give out the Critics Choice Award on VH1)... and this year I had to vote - pick my favorites - actor, actress, comedy, best film - all those categories... Made me actually have to sit and think about it - decide in order my favorites... Still not sure I got them absolutely right - but I'll share with you my top favorites...

Diving Bell & the Butterfly

La Vie En Rose

3:10 to Yuma

Sweeney Todd

(to name but a few...)

So - what were your favorite films this year?
Did you see my picks? What did you think of those??

Come - lets here from you folks!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008



Click on the image below to enlarge and read the details - and then visit my web site for your free pass!

YOU HAVE TO GO TO ERNIEONTV.COM to get your real pass!!!!
(you can not just print this blog page - it will not get you in!)

So, how is that for a blog entry - Free movie passes!!!

But before I go for today - anyone surprised with the results from New Hampshire? Has your opinion of candidates changed or been redefined by all that has been going on? Just curious - I love this stuff!