Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little roadtrip

Well in texas you can go far in just a few hours.  Left my home yesterday in the afternoon and had dinner on the riverwalk in San Antonio!

Jackson had to play for a chorus compitition in SA on saturday morning _ so we figured lets just go up a day early and have some fun.

Everything was nice, but scary thing - my fav thing so far was stopping at Buc-ees...  LOL  i got a 56 ounce soda and some fresh roasted cashews... plus a good number of samples of fudge.  We are stopping on our way back!

In SA we saw the alamo, stayed at the historic Menger Hotel (a fav of Teddy  Roosevelt and the Rough Riders?, walked the River Walk, eat at The County Line BBQ place, and visited The Bonham Exchange (have to wonder what that building was in it's hey day)... a lot for just a couple of hours.  Buy then again - i did do Paris in just one day once ;-)

Now it is saturday and we are back on the move - headed back to houston (i have an event tonight for MD Anderson & Cancer Research)... 

Oh my only 33 miles till we get to Buc-ees... got to prepare myself... more later...

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