Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's About Time! - My trip to Upstate NY (Pt 1)

Well well well - at long last I blog again!

LOL - I have neglected you all... But I'm back!

SO much - but ya really don't want to read about all of it - "The Last 24" was a hit and played to great reviews and audience reaction - it even re-aired at the end of October - and again - folks loved it - I am so proud - the whole team did a great job.

Then we ramped right up again and got things in place to launch the 5th season of InnerVIEWS, which started on Nov 1st, 2007 - we even got a great write up in the Houston Chronicle (check it out on - under the "Press" tab). But I wasn't even in Houston to see the launch... I was back in NY...

A few weeks back I found out my Mom was going to have to have surgery on November 2nd, so I made plans to head home to the city I was raised in - Binghamton, NY... I hadn't been there in years - so it was going to be an adventure...

So here are some photos I have been taking (I am blogging from Binghamton right now!):

(Here is the House I grew up in - it was hit hard during the flooding that swept the north east during 2006 - the house has been empty for over a year, so it is looking a little sad - a home gets a strange feeling when it thinks it has been abandoned)

(this was our back staircase where the water flowed in from - filling up the ground floor of the house with over 5 feet of water, mud and slug - in the process crumbling the stairs... these will have to be rebuilt - one of about two dozen projects still waiting to be completed before my Mom can move back into the house)

(Here is the family room since re-construction - it is strange to see it this way - the stairs used to be enclosed, the cabinets had doors and the room was surrounded by thick hard wood knotty pine siding - you just don't see siding like that anymore...)

(a look at our neighborhood from the front porch - still looks very much like when I was a kid - scary!)

(This is my favorite house in Binghamton - happens to be only about 3 blocks from our house. Called "The MacArthur Mansion" - my elementary school was also called MacArthur - coincidence? I don't think so - LOL. BTW: when I was in 8th grade, this house went on the market for the huge sum of $250,000 - how times have changed!)

{Thats all for now, Part 2 - coming soon}

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