Sunday, June 10, 2007

The End of "The Sopranos"

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So what do I say????

What the F*CK - LOL - Nothing happened - no big finish!!!! OK - so you can say loose ends were tied up a little and a future seemed to fall into place... but I wanted fireworks! One of the kids killed! Carmella wacked!!! Tony shot down Godfather style in an italian eatery... but no - we got one of those modern TV ambiguous endings... I'd have preferred a Moldavian massacre, even a shower dream scene...

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We can spend forever trying to figure out what happened next - did Tony get wacked, etc etc... But truth be told - this is fiction, so where they stopped is where it ended - no more, no less... all of them stoped existing the moment the screen went black - and they will remain on pause until either the show surprisingly comes back, or the rumored movie starts to shoot - but for us at home, gathered around the TV screen on this humid Sunday night - the Sopranos stopped at 9:03pm and where they stopped is where they ended... not in a flash of TV glory, or even in a moment of true surprise - but in just a moment, an instant when they just simply stopped...

But getting there was fun!

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